maszyn tartacznych
maszyn tartacznych
Log Feeder For Bandsawing Machines
7 July 2019
PK-3 All-Purpose Log Feeder
7 July 2019
Podajnik kłody do piło łuparek5

The feeder can be adapted to any model of the sawing-splitting machine with installed hydraulics. If such an adaptation of the hydraulic system is not possible, a feeder equipped with electric drive can be implemented.

Longitudinal and transverse timber feed – standard chain-controlled design. For the standard version: the dimensions are: width - 1800 mm x length - 3000 mm x height - 1050 mm, adapted to the sawing-splitting machine equipped with a hydraulic or electric system.

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  • feeder capacity: up to approx. 2 m3
  • feeder load capacity: up to approx. 3 tonnes
  • lift capacity of the longitudinal ramp: up to approx. 1 tonne


  • length - 3000 mm (optionally 4000 mm, 5000 mm, 6000 mm)
  • width - 1800 mm
  • height - 1150 mm