OPT-125 Band Saw Sharpener
7 July 2019
Log Feeder For Bandsawing Machines
7 July 2019
Rozwierak pił taśmowych RPT-60 1

The spreader is used to set apart teeth on band saws quickly and easily.

Tooth spreading is performed manually by pulling down a lever. With the opposite movement, the saw is moved so that the subsequent teeth can be moved in.

Depending on the saw type, the set mode and spreading distance, e.g. in saws for band sawing machines, one tooth is straight and two teeth are spread. In this cycle, the spreader spreads two teeth, and at the same time, allows one tooth to pass.

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  • spreading distance: up to 1.0 mm per side
  • spreading accuracy: ± 0.05 mm
  • saw width range - 20-60 mm
  • tooth pitch - 19-30 mm
  • tooth heigh - 4-10 mm
  • saw thickness - 0,8-1,25 mm


  • w/ base - 50 kg
  • w/o base - 27 kg