Sawing-Splitting Semi-Automatic Machine PŁD-450 – 25 TON

8-ROLLER Frame Sawing Machine PRU-570
9 July 2019
Sawing-Splitting Automatic Machine PŁD-450 – 25 TON
9 July 2019

PŁD-450 is an semi-automatic machine used to produce heating and chimney wood in large quantities.In one operating cycle, the machine combines wood cutting using a chain saw with splitting and conveying onto the flitch pile using a transport belt conveyor.

PŁD-450, with an automatic high-speed splitting valve, adjusts automatically the optimum force of the main piston within the range of 9-25 tonnes, and as such the speed increases when splitting thin logs and the splitting force increases when splitting thicker logs. The automatic, high-speed splitting valve significantly reduces splitting time and significantly reduces electricity costs.

The PŁD-450 splitter saw is equipped with a semi-automatic system: chain guide, log clamp and knife height adjustment performed manually by the operator. Other functions, such as log splitting, log feeder and split log output are used by the operator automatically with a joystick. The PŁD-450 splitter saw is manufactured in a semi-automatic version and as a mobile chassis version with any drive, POS, combustion engine, electric motor.

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  • Max. cutting diameter: 450 mm (optionally 470 mm)
  • Cutting length adjustment: 250 – 620 mm
  • Electric drives (optionally POS or combustion engine)
  • cutting guide hydraulic motor
  • chain saw: SOLID HARVESTER 64 cm / 404” / 2.0 mm 642HSFL
  • Pump motor power 11 kW
  • Pump output (l/min), system of two hydraulic pumps 46 + 20 l
  • Pressure force 25 ton
  • Splitting cycle duration with actuator return (sec.) 4/3
  • Sawing-splitter output 5-8 mp/h (8 mp with the longitudinal-transverse log feeder)
  • Splitting knife 2/4 parts
  • System oil capacity 110
  • Hydraulic adjustment of splitter wedge height
  • Timber feeder supplying timber under the cutting guide 2.2 m
  • Output feeder with manual left-right adjustment 3.3 m (4 m above the ground)
  • Empty mass (complete) 1450 kg semi-automatic


  • length - 2350 mm
  • width - 1250 mm
  • wheight - 1800 mm


  • receiving feeder with manual left-right adjustment 4.3 m (5 m above the ground)
  • three-point linkage for use with a tractor
  • hydraulic positioning of the splitting wedge
  • oil cooler (recommended for continuous operation)
  • longitudinal and transverse feeder 1800 (2400) x 3000 x 1000
  • longitudinal and transverse feeder 1800 (2400) x 5000 x 1000
  • splitting wedge for 6 parts
  • splitting wedge for 8 parts
  • Rotek 17 PS diesel engine or Honda GX690 gasoline engine
  • ALCO mobile chassis with overrunning brake and lighting
  • automatic high-speed valve (assembled with cooler)