maszyn tartacznych
maszyn tartacznych
TTP-600/E Band Frame Sawing Machine
28 June 2019
TTP-600 STANDARD/W Band Frame Sawing Machine
3 July 2019

This machine is suitable for log woodworking. The machine output depends on the thickness of the log to be sawn and the required thickness of sawn wood. On average, it is 1 – 2 m3/h.

The band-sawing machine is widely applied in sawmilling, households, wood carpentry, and the furniture industry due to high material savings as well the precision of cutting being 0.5 mm. An innovative solution in the TTP-600 band frame sawing machine is that the band guiding wheels feature a track. An innovative solution applied to the TTP-600 band-sawing machine is a guidance on the band guiding wheels, tightly fitted with a multi-groove belt to avoid sawdust and resin in the space between the wheel guidance and the belt. Additionally, the belt is not subject to crushing. Such a solution ensures a stable even and quiet operation of the saw. It eliminates vibrations, improves sawing accuracy and extends the saw band lifetime by 40 %. The TTP-600 is also equipped with fast, double-sided chain positioning.

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  • weight - 1750 kg
  • main motor power – 2 x 7,5 KW / (optionally 2x11 kW)
  • power demand – 17,0 KW
  • supply voltage - 380V, 50Hz
  • up-down vertical chain movement 30 mm/s
  • variable longitudinal movement of the cutting head (inverter) 0-40 linear metres/min
  • electric tension roller movement – 2 x 0.12 kW gear-motor
  • horizontal/vertical cutting head clearance – 750/280 mm (optional 1150 mm)
  • blade width - 32-35 mm
  • blade length - 4004 mm
  • kerf thickness -1,5-2,5mm
  • diameter of guide wheels- 475 mm
  • sawing machine substructure made of a hollow profile 120mm x 120mm x 5/6 mm
  • diameter of the log to be worked – 850 mm optionally 1200 mm
  • length of standard cutting - 4800 mm


  • electric tension roller movement – 2 x 0.12 kW gear-motor
  • ANT-2G electronic cutting thickness control unit
  • stationary control panel
  • main motor 11 KW
  • automatic barking machine
  • substructure expandable to any length
  • operator seat
  • track substructure 120 mm x 200 mm x 5 mm
  • hydraulic system

Machine during operation