maszyn tartacznych
maszyn tartacznych
TTP-600 PREMIUM Band Frame Sawing Machine with hydraulic system
6 July 2019
TTP-600 PREMIUM PLUS Band Frame Sawing Mobile Machine with hydraulic system
6 July 2019

This machine is suitable for log woodworking. The machine is designed for processing log timber. It is mainly intended for sawing logs in quantities up to 20 m3/8h as well as companies where high accuracy and quality of the raw material obtained after sawing, such as oak, hornbeam, beech, is required.

The hydraulic system installed on a massive substructure made of a 200 mm x 120 mm x 6 mm hollow profile, ensuring very high stability of the frame sawing machine during operation and facilitating the process of manoeuvring large logs up to 5 tonnes.
The guiding wheels with a diameter of 600 mm, filling with the PK-type multi-groove belt (no thickening and penetration of resin, sawdust between the track and the belt), ensure the maximum service life of the blade and, additionally, a bimetallic blade with a width of 40 mm and thickness of 1.27 mm or 1.40 mm can be used. Such a blade ensures stable operation, significantly reduces wave-like patterns on the timber and makes it possible to obtain precise sawing up to 0.5 mm. The sharpening intervals is longer compared to a conventional saw blade (approx. 1 hour) and is – on average – approx. 3 hours for the bimetallic saw blade, which significantly improves the cutting quality of hardwood species in particular..
By adapting a Stellite blade (special alloy based on cobalt and chromium) to the TTP-600 Premium frame sawing machine, it is possible to increase the performance of the machine up to 30% compared to the conventional blades (confirmed by many operational tests). The cut thickness is only 2.20 mm. The tooth pitch of 25 mm makes it possible to use much higher feed rates during the sawing process.

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  • weight - 2450 kg
  • main motor power – 15,0 KW (optionally 18,5-22 KW)
  • power demand – 20,5 KW (for full option)
  • supply voltage - 380V, 50Hz
  • vertical chain movement – electric (0,75 KW gear-motor)
  • longitudinal feed of the cutting head – variable inverter 0-40 linear metres/min
  • electric tension roller movement – 0.12 kW gear-motor
  • guiding wheels 600/35 mm
  • stationary control panel
  • standard substructure length – 6 m (sawing length 4.8 m)
  • water supply solenoid valve
  • sawing measurement sensor ISP-010
  • horizontal/vertical cutting head clearance – 340/950 mm (optional 1200 mm)
  • blade width - 50 mm
  • blade length – 4800 x 50 x 1,1 lub 1,25
  • kerf thickness - 1,5-2,2
  • full hydraulic system / clamp x 1, angle locking elements x 5, log loading x 1, levelling with forward and backward log feed x 1, rotating device x 1
  • sawing machine substructure made of a hollow profile 200mm x 120mm x 6mm


  • length - 6000 mm
  • width - 2250 mm
  • height - 2400 mm


  • substructure expandable to any length
  • plank/log scraper + double-sided feed drive
  • electric sawdust storage tank
  • log loading ramp feeder
  • automatic barking machine
  • additional hydraulic tools


  • log diameter – 900 mm, optional 1200 mm
  • log weight – up to 5 tonnes
  • standard cutting length – 4800 mm


  • The capacity of the machine depends on the thickness of the log to be sawed and the required thickness of sawed timber and is up 2 m3/h on average (depending on the blade used).
  • conventional blade 4800 x 50 x 1.1 approx. 12 m
  • bimetallic blade 4800 x 50 x 1.27-1.40approx. 15 m
  • stellite blade 4800 x 50 x 1.1 STELLIT pitch 25 mm, approx. 18 m