TTS-1200/60 STANDARD Industrial Band Frame Sawing Machine
7 July 2019
OPT-125 Band Saw Sharpener
7 July 2019

This is a modern machine with a very high cutting performance and accuracy, designed for sawmills processing timber at the rate up to 30 m3/10h.

The wide-band frame sawing machine is equipped with many innovative solutions significantly increasing the performance and accuracy of cutting, such as:
- 900 mm dia. guiding wheels made of ductile cast-iron for maximum service life of the blade.
- 100 mm wide cutting blade with a 2.2 mm Stellite blade and the 40 mm tooth pitch, operating intervals between saw change up to 3 hours.
- double-sided, emulsion-cooled guiding slides that reduce friction during the sawing process, which has a direct impact on lower energy consumption, higher cutting speeds and noise reduction.
- double-sided chain-controlled longitudinal drive of the cutting head.
- precise and fast chain positioning of the cutting head 35mm/ 1s
- automatic mist sprayer for sawing band lubrication
- extended efficient hydraulic system for the unobstructed manoeuvring of large logs up to 5 tonnes, possibility of changing hydraulic tools.
- machine track substructure made of solid hollow profiles (200 mm x 120 mm x 6 mm) supported on both sides.

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  • weight - 4000 kg
  • main motor power –30 KW
  • power demand – 37 KW (for full option)
  • supply voltage - 380V, 50Hz
  • up-down vertical chain movement 35 mm/1s
  • double-sided chain-controlled longitudinal feed of the cutting head – variable inverter 4-40 linear metres/min
  • manual feed of tension slides - electric
  • central lubrication of the guiding wheel track
  • 900 mm blade guiding wheels
  • electric stationary control panel
  • automatic mist sprayer for cutting band lubrication
  • ISP-10 electronic cutting thickness control unit (optionally ISP-12F)
  • cutting head clearance – 430/ 800 (optionally 1150 mm)
  • kerf thickness - 2,2 mm
  • hydraulic system:
    clamp x 1, angle locking elements x 4, log loading 3 m wide x 1, levelling with forward and backward log feed x 1, levelling without drive x 1, chain rotating device x 1
  • sawing machine substructure made of a hollow profile 200mm x 120mm x 6mm
  • frame-based design of the cutting head, supported on both sides
  • moderate outpu:
    - stellite blade – 6300x 100x 1,0 pitch 40 mm (output 25-30 m3/10h)


  • unlimited substructure extension
  • plank, log scraper
  • electric sawdust storage tank
  • additional hydraulic tools
  • automatic barking machine
  • log loading ramp feeder
  • log feeder


  • log diameter – 800 optionally 1150mm
  • log diameter by turning – 900mm optionally1300mm
  • permissible log mass – up to 5 tonnes
  • standard cutting length – 4800 mm (for the option with any length)


  • length - 6000 mm
  • width - 3100 mm
  • height - 3250 mm